Robinson's Place

Robinson's House

Robinson's House is a rustic stone-and-thatch 2-storey building under a large tree, on the edge of the beach. Up some very rickety stairs is a basic but fun 'honeymoon suite'. This has three canvas walls, and a front which is completely open to a lovely view out over the ocean. It is furnished with a simple double bed under a mosquito net, and quaint little table with two chairs – on which sits a vase with fresh flowers.

Downstairs has a small clean single room with stone walls and a sea-view. The only furniture in this room is a bed.

All of the rooms at Robinson's Place (except the master bedroom), share immaculate bathroom facilities which are situated in a stone-and-thatch banda. There are two coldwater showers and two toilets (one is European-style, and the other is squat) and a large open-ended central area with mirrors and sinks. The showers and toilets are all separated by long cream curtains that are pulled across for privacy.

These bathroom facilities are amongst the cleanest and most pleasant shared bathrooms we have come across on Zanzibar. They are even better than many of the en-suite facilities offered by Zanzibar's more mid-range properties!

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