10 rooms
Best for adults
All year

A recent addition to the properties on the north side of Diani Beach, AfroChic is a modern, boutique hotel, part of the Elewana Group that owns several lodges in Tanzania. Occupying a large, modern house in modest grounds, it’s billed as an exclusive hotel with a ‘unique and eclectic’ style.

Our view of AfroChic

We felt the name ‘AfroChic’ oversells it: this is a straight-up, European-flavoured, boutique hotel. We were expecting something more stylish and distinctive, with a real combination of African character and modern flair, but our impression was of a blandly pleasant, luxury, beachfront guesthouse. Personable, adult-oriented and quiet, AfroChic is comfortable and friendly; service is attentive without being too fussy; and the food is good. We think it might hit the spot for first-time Africa visitors – especially on honeymoon – and although it lacks the distinctiveness that a small hotel requires to make a real impression, given a few more years to settle into its grounds, that will hopefully come.

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