Family holidays in Kenya

Enjoy family safari and beach holidays in Kenya

With fun activities and the fascinating culture of the Maasai, Kenya offers great family safari holidays for older and fairly active children - who will often find the Maasai people particularly interesting to meet. At the beginning or end of your family safari head for the Kenya coast for some of the loveliest family beach holidays in Africa!

Many of the lodges and camps that we feature in Kenya are well-suited for family beach and safari holidays, although almost all of them have age restrictions. In practice, these rules can often be bended so that you can go on family holidays with children younger than the theoretical age requirement.

However, you should be aware that during family safari holidays in Kenya children need to be constantly supervised, because some camps are close to a river, most aren't fenced and game risks are usually high. Due to the layout of some lodges, for instance their high walkways, steep steps or missing handrails, parental supervision is additionally necessary.

In general, even Kenya's most child-friendly lodges rarely have specific children's programmes. Nevertheless, in most cases the staff will show a very positive attitude towards younger visitors and may flexibly arrange activities off the ordinary schedule to make your Kenya family safari holidays as enjoyable as possible.

Kenya family safari and beach holidays: our 20 favourites