Luxury in Kenya

Best lodges & camps for luxury in Kenya

Kenya is distinguished by the diversity of its landscapes, wildlife and culture – but there’s an equally wide range of accommodation, from the simple and modest to some absolutely top-notch luxury safari camps, private ranches and beach hideaways. If you’re looking for indulgence and comfort, you will find first-class places in many areas of Kenya.

The cuisine at many of Kenya’s high-end camps and lodges is often outstanding. Highly skilled chefs with international experience ensure a steady stream of excellent and creative dishes, using locally sourced, often organic, ingredients. Kenya’s hospitality industry is one of the most developed in sub-Saharan Africa, resulting in attentive, highly proficient staff and excellent standards of service.

Well furnished rooms, stylish bathrooms and welcome add-ons such as private plunge pools and even private butlers, add to the pampering you can expect to receive.

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