Family holidays in Namibia

Family safari holidays in Namibia

Namibia offers fantastic self-driving family safari holidays. However, as stunning as the country's scenery is, it's unlikely to keep your youngest entertained for hours. Therefore, family holidays here are best for families with older children, who are fine with longer drives - they'll love the freedom and the sheer variety of a family holiday to Namibia.

As accommodation for your family safari holidays in Namibia, we usually recommend smaller guest farms and lodges because these tend to be more flexible, for instance with regard to meal times. Many of them have a big garden and adjoining rooms specifically designed to accommodate families on Namibia safari holidays. You're unlikely to find special activities for your children, but a friendly and informal atmosphere will usually allow them to run around and be noisy. Alternatively, for ultimate privacy, consider Namibia's exclusive-use villas and houses!

In addition, compared to other African countries, family safari holidays in Namibia can be considered as relatively safe: many lodges are set in areas with little dangerous game and all Namibia holds a very low malarial risk.

However, Namibia isn't only a destination for family safari holidays. We won't deny that its coastline doesn't make for 'classical' family beach holidays with azure, bath-warm water and palm-trees. Instead, you'll find a deserted stretch of barren land, scattered with ghostly shipwrecks and lapped by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where seals live in huge colonies. It's a really special area - and more than worth exploring!

Click on the lodges below to get an idea of your options for family safari and beach holidays in Namibia and then call us to tailor-make an itinerary that suits you!

The 10 best camps and lodges for family safari holidays in Namibia