Beach areas & islands to visit in Seychelles

Bird Island is the northernmost island in the Seychelles, about 60 miles from Mahe...

Bird Island

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The northernmost island in the Seychelles archipelago, Bird Island is a 170-acre coralline outcrop fringed by sandy beaches and turquoise seas. However, the primary reason to stay here is its wildlife, and especially its birdlife, which is simply astounding.
Denis Island is a small coral island set in the deep, blue Indian Ocean ...

Denis Island

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Denis Island is a relaxed island retreat with lovely cottages and villas. It edges are dotted with beautiful beaches, and beyond them coral reefs – with excellent scuba diving and snorkelling.
Desroches Island is one of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles...

Desroches Island

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Desroches Island is a smart private island with some lovely suites, some very large, promising, new villas and even a small, working coconut plantation. It's fringed by stunning beaches, and beyond them coral reefs – with excellent snorkelling and diving.
Fregate is the most easterly of the Seychelles granitic Inner Islands, 35 miles from Mahe.

Fregate Island

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Fregate Island is one the larger private islands in the Seychelles, and home to a very smart retreat with stunning villas. Come for beautiful beaches and top-class comfort, service and food – and perhaps also for its interesting forests and great coral reefs.
La Digue has a distinctly relaxed vibe.

La Digue Island

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The fourth-largest inhabited island of Seychelles, La Digue covers only 10km² and its population of just over 2,000 people enjoy a decidedly unhurried existence. A trip to the island, just 6km east of Praslin, and accessed only by daily ferries, is like stepping back in time.
Mahe has around 70 beaches

Mahe Island

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Mahé is the largest island in Seychelles and home to the capital city, Victoria, as well as the international airport and around 80,000 people. Dense cloudforest covers large parts of the mountainous interior, and drops down to a coastline strung with sweeping sandy beaches and picture-perfect coves.
North Island is a private island - an amazing spot for the ultimate beach honeymoon or holiday.

North Island

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North Island is almost certainly the most exclusive island in the Seychelles – and one of the world's top island hideaways; expect to see few other people, stunning beaches, serious luxury and excellent service. It's very difficult to fault, and reassuringly expensive.
From lazing on Praslin's beautiful beaches...

Praslin Island

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Although it is Seychelles' second largest island, Praslin is still small. It occupies just 38 km² and has around 6,500 residents; it also has a more laid-back vibe than nearby Mahé and a stunning coastline.
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