Tram & Bridge Tour

Tram & Bridge Tour

On arrival at Victoria Falls Railway Station guests are greeted with a light lunch and drinks, followed by a short introduction. After lunch the tram departs for the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, following a route which that has been the same for over 110 years, through what is now the Victoria Falls National Park. On this section of the journey it isn’t uncommon to spot wildlife from the tram so travellers should keep their eyes peeled.

On reaching the bridge there is a short pause to soak in the views and take photographs before the tram rolls out onto the bridge itself, crossing to the museum on the other side. Here you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a lively and informative talk on the history of the bridge by a local historian. After this there is a break for snacks and drinks while once again enjoying majestic views of the bridge and the gorge before returning back to the Victoria Falls Railway station.

NB You'll need your passport to gain access onto the bridge.

Start/end time: 12pm-2pm

Start and end location: Victoria Falls Railway Station

Passengers: min. 4 people; max. 24 people.

Includes: Tram ride, light lunch, drinks and a talk on the history of the bridge.

Please note: Expert Africa only books excursions as a part of a full, Expert Africa itinerary.