Lake Manze Adventure Camp

Lake Manze Adventure Camp

12 tented rooms
Traveller's rating
Excellent (93%) From 173 reviews
Best for aged 10+
1 June to 31 March

Lake Manze Adventure Camp opened in 2007 on a prime location overlooking Lake Manze, which is one of the more northerly of a series of lakes and rivers within a rich alluvial floodplain of the Rufiji River. It lies at the heart of Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, and was set up as a deliberately rustic camp to provide guests with fairly simple comforts and a strong sense of wilderness.

Our view of Lake Manze Camp

Lake Manze Camp is a great option for those wanting a slightly more rustic and ‘wild’ camping experience, yet with all the basic comforts and good food. We found the staff and managers to be friendly and efficient, and – because Lake Manze is quite far from any other camps – you rarely see other vehicles while on a drive. It’s also amongst the most affordable of the camps in the reserve, and we think it delivers great value for money.

Rooms at Lake Manze Adventure Camp

Tented chalet

Lake Manze Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(93%) From 173 travellers

Video of Lake Manze Adventure Camp

Video starts with the Selous Game Reserve - afterwards shows the Lake Manze and the Lake Manze Camp.

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Lake Manze Adventure Camp review
1-Nov to 12-Nov 15
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7-Sep to 8-Oct 15
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