Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge

12 luxury tents
Best for 12+
All year

One of the Okavango Delta's first photographic camps was built on Xaxaba Island, very close to the present-day Eagle Island Lodge. Expert Africa’s MD, Chris McIntyre, first visited the original Xaxaba Camp over 20 years ago, and although the lodge here has changed immeasurably since, resulting in standards akin to those of a smart hotel, the surrounding landscape – which is 'classic' Okavango – is still just as beautiful.

Our view of Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge feels more like a hotel in the bush than a camp; and it's much more substantial and imposing on the environment than many of the Delta's other options – so it's not a natural choice for those seeking a place to stay in sympathy with its setting. That said, it is a very solid, well-built and luxurious option, so if you're concerned about being in the 'wilds', and want the reassurance of a very solid camp with air conditioning, perhaps this is the right one for you.

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