Duba Plains Camp

Duba Plains Camp

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Duba Plains Camp is a traditional tented safari camp situated in a pretty part of the northern Okavango Delta, which is dominated by open plains of rich grasslands. Over the years Duba has come to be known almost exclusively for the interactions of lion and buffalo. Contrary to usual behaviour, Duba's lions have the reputation of being active during the day and for providing travellers with some exciting hunts. However in 2014 the main lion pride split creating smaller prides that now mostly prey on red lechwe, so the lion buffalo encounters have become less of a focus. But with change there are new opportunities and Duba has seen more leopard move into the area in the last few year. **STOP PRESS** In April 2016, Duba Plains Camp closed for a total rebuild. We expect the brand new camp to reopen in March 2017 on a new location within the concession.

Our view of Duba Plains

We have always really liked Duba Plains – it's a small camp with friendly staff that focuses clearly on its safari experience. Most people come here expecting to witness thrilling lion and buffalo interactions, although it is worth noting that in 2014 the chances of this has diminished significantly. So choose Duba for the lion and buffalo by all means, but we think you'll get far more out of your stay if you are open to making the most of this remote part of the Okavango – even when neither of the above can be seen.

Duba Plains: Traveller ratings

Excellent(93%) From 14 travellers

Video of Duba Plains Camp

Team member Megan is talking with her guide about the lion prides at Duba Plains.

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