Terra Africa

Terra Africa: Our full report

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Good (86%) From 29 reviews
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Terra Africa is a guesthouse in Windhoek.

Expert Africa sent travellers here from about 2007 to 2009, and as you'll see from the link above, 29 of our travellers sent feedback on their experience at Terra Africa to us.

This feedback seemed to us to be generally quite positive. You can click on the link above to judge for yourself. The owner-manager of the guesthouse disagreed, and asked us to remove elements of our traveller's feedback from this website.

We are committed to a firm policy of never changing any of our travellers' feedback, however inconvenient it may be to Expert Africa, or the establishment concerned. Hence we refused to remove or change the travellers' offending comments.

As a result, we are sad that this guesthouse will no longer welcome our travellers.

Please do not try to arrange a stay here as part of a trip with Expert Africa; we will not be able to book it for you.


Location: Windhoek, Namibia