Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

9 suites
Best for 12+
All year

Spread across an island within the seasonal and permanent waterways of the Okavango Delta, the upmarket Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge was previously known simply as ‘Xudum’. It offers a range of water- and land-based activities within an area that is known for its natural beauty rather than its wildlife and is run by an operation with a reputation for high standards. Stop Press: A massive fire broke out on the afternoon of 17 May 2019 in the concession, and despite all brave firefighting efforts, the result was sadly destruction, resulting in the closure of Xudum Lodge.

Our view of Xudum Delta Lodge

Xudum is a beautifully crafted lodge set in a pretty area of the Okavango Delta. Although a variety of wildlife is seen here, historically this area of the Delta has never been great for big game. So don't come to Xudum hoping for great game sightings, but do come to explore scenic waterways; to watch its smaller creatures and plentiful birdlife; and perhaps for an indulgent, romantic interlude with superb accommodation and service.

Video of Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

This video shows the area and the wildlife around Xudum Delta Lodge as well as possible activities.
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