Pemba Island

Tanzania beach holidays on Pemba Island

Pemba Island is a hilly, fertile island off Tanzania’s coast with dreamy beaches and crystal clear water, popular among keen divers and snorkelers. Village women sit and chat, the smell of spices fills the air and life seems to go at a slower pace here – it’s the perfect place for relaxing beach holidays! Alternatively, stay here for a couple of nights at the beginning or end of your safari holidays in Tanzania!

See below our current trip ideas to Pemba, and ask us when to personalise your trip. Alternatively, if you're looking for beach holidays on Pemba's more developed and better-known neighbour Zanzibar, see our page on Zanzibar beach holidays! Similarly, for a beach holiday on a quiet, but slightly less conservative island, have a look at our Mafia Island beach holidays!

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Black Pepper Beach Holiday

Black Pepper Beach Holiday

| 8 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
Spend 7 nights on Zanzibar's lesser known, and more rural neighbour Pemba island, at the rustic but luxurious Fundu Lagoon, where the crystal clear waters and nearby reefs make for fantastic diving and snorkelling. More about Black Pepper Beach Holiday