Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Hotels & places to stay in Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

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Grootbos Garden Lodge

Grootbos Garden Lodge

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The Garden Lodge at Grootbos overlooks the Atlantic coast, just a short drive east of Hermanus. It’s set within the beautiful ...More about Garden Lodge

Excellent  96%
(10 reviews)

Grootbos Garden Lodge was exquisite. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The staff was very accommodating and helpful. The local guiding was cheerful and knowledgeable... reviews...

Grootbos Forest Lodge

Grootbos Forest Lodge

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Grootbos Forest Lodge is set within an impressive old milkwood forest within the small, but pristine Grootbos Nature Reserve...More about Forest Lodge

Excellent  100%
(1 reviews)

We can't speak highly enough of Grootbos - very much in line with our previous visits. The model is for a luxury tourism experience exploring the Fynbos ecosystem ... reviews...