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Bushpig Safari

Bushpig Safari

| 6 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
This is a great Botswana safari which combines 5 nights at two lovely traditional safari camps in the Shinde and Kanana Reserves of the Okavango Delta. Spend 2 nights on the waterways of the south-west Okavango at Kanana Camp, followed by 3 nights at Shinde Camp ... More about Bushpig Safari
Porcupine safari

Porcupine safari

| 12 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
This safari takes in four contrasting areas of the Okavango Delta and the surrounding environments. Included in the itinerary are four remote camps which are great for the variation in activities that they offer such as walking, riding and water activities. More about Porcupine safari
Tsessebe safari

Tsessebe safari

| 8 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
This seven-night Botswana safari, which combines the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve, is a great trip for the adventurous! You can discover the diverse environment and excellent wildlife of the Okavango by foot, 4WD and mokoro during this trip. More about Tsessebe safari
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