The key areas in Malawi


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Blantyre is the capital of Malawi's Southern Region and the country’s centre of finance and commerce, a role which stems back to its beginnings as a trading hub in the 19th century. Lying in a basin of the Shire Highlands, which is ringed by low hills and three mountain peaks, the landscape around Blantyre is more appealing than the area around Lilongwe...
The only way to get to Likoma Island is to fly. There are daily flights from the mainland.

Likoma Island

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Likoma Island lying 7km from Mozambique, offers sandy beaches and secluded coves with some of the best snorkelling and diving in Malawi. On the southern tip of the island, with its panoramic views of Lake Malawi, the small but stunning Kaya Mawa Lodge is perfect for relaxing.
Lilongwe is a vibrant African city with roadside stalls...


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Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi which stands at an altitude of 1,050m, in the shallow valley of the Lilongwe River. Although Lilongwe holds little of interest for most travellers, it’s quite central to the country and not an unpleasant place to spend a night, so most visits to Malawi will pass through here at least once...
Liwonde National Park is an area of natural beauty lying along the banks of the Shire River.

Liwonde National Park

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Malawi doesn't have the huge reserves full of big game that you'll find elsewhere in Africa. However, if you feel like a couple of days of gentle game viewing close to the lake, then Liwonde National Park is ideal. It's a very lush park, totally tropical in atmosphere and abundant in birdlife.
Majete is fast becoming Malawi’s most interesting wildlife reserve.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

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This large, rugged safari area has been recently regenerated though intensive conservation work; it's Malawi's most interesting new area.
Malawi interior is both an urban area

Malawi Interior

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Malawi's interior covers a large area, from north to south, with a variety of real towns and cities for adventurous visitors to explore – as well as the highlights of Zomba Plateau and Mua Mission. This is an area for Africa aficionados, who want to experience the 'real Malawi'.
The Bua River runs through the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve..

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

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Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is Malawi’s oldest, largest and least-developed wildlife reserve.
Within the Nyika Plateau, is the Chelinda Lodge

Nyika Plateau

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In the far north of Malawi, Nyika is a rolling plateau dotted with stunning mountain outcrops. The Nyika National Park protects a large area of this rich plateau, noted for the endemic herbs, heathers and interesting plant-life found in its rolling, montane grasslands.
Relax on the shore of Lake Malawi with its beautiful sandy beaches...

Shore of Lake Malawi

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Looking along the shore of Lake Malawi there are many places to stay. The best are tucked into secluded coves, built on rocky islands and along the lake's golden beaches. Perfect destinations in themselves, each offers a range of activities, or make thoroughly relaxing beach retreats after a safari holiday in Zambia.
Malawi is dominated by its spectacular lake...

Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve

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Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve protects marshes and wetlands which feed the Luangwa River. There is no restriction on game movements between Zambia and Vwaza, so the reserve harbours many species, including large herds of elephant & buffalo.
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