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Mfuwe Lodge

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Occupying a lovely spot overlooking Mfuwe Lagoon – a huge oxbow lake – Mfuwe Lodge is the flagship safari property of the Bushcamp Company. It is one of the larger properties in the South Luangwa National Park, and after extensive refurbishment in 2010 is now one of the smartest and most modern. It lies quite close to the park’s main gate in an area that is rich in wildlife.

Our view of Mfuwe Lodge

Mfuwe Lodge is quite grand and impressive, an attractive place to relax with good facilities. The game viewing in the Mfuwe area is impressive, and it’s a great place to first see some of Africa’s most iconic species, but being so close to the main gate also means it can be a bit crowded. Mfuwe Lodge is a good place to spend one or two nights at the start of your safari, using it as a springboard for accessing the more remote and rustic bushcamps. Alternatively, you could spend a night here at the end of your trip, taking advantage of the spa after a long safari.

Mfuwe Lodge: Traveller ratings

Excellent(91%) From 9 travellers

Video of Mfuwe Lodge

Mfuwe Lodge overlooking Mfuwe Lagoon.
This movie displays the Bangweulu wetlands with its beautiful wildlife.

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