Okavango Delta Safari Reserves

Okavango Delta: map of safari camps & lodges

This map shows the 30-or-so safari camps and lodges in the Okavango Delta. Read more about them by clicking the blue markers, and following the links in the bubbles to more details, or a closer view.

For a more pictorial map which is also interactive, showing the reserve boundaries, see:
Okavango Delta reference map.

Things to see on this map of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta covers a huge area; see the scale on the map (bottom-left) to appreciate this.

Look towards the north-west to see the Okavango River, and where it enters the Delta – between the dots marked as 'Sepupa Village' and 'Seronga Village'. You can then see the waters of the Okavango River fanning out, spreading across the sands of the Kalahari. Look very closely in certain areas, and you can even see evidence of the underlying faults in the rock which cause this!

Zoom in on the small town of Maun, marked by a black marker– the start for most safaris to the Okavango Delta. Note how the river there is constrained by a fault-line running from north-east to south-west. Zoom into the airstrip there – see all the small planes lined up which ferry people out to the camps and lodges in the Delta!

The smaller dots on the map's top-right corner are camps in the Kwando-Linyanti area; drag the map down to see more of this area.

Looking at the camp's locations, you'll see that all are dotted randomly around the Okavango Delta, with relatively few in the 'Panhandle' areas of the northern of the Delta. Zoom in, look closely, to see the mosaic of water and land environments anywhere in the Delta – which goes some way to explaining why safaris to the Okavango Delta as so varied.

Click onto any of the markers, and follow the links in the bubbles, for more detailed maps of the locations of the various bushcamps and safari lodges.

Navigating around this Okavango Delta map

Drag the sliding marker (over the left-side of the map) along the vertical scale to zoom the map in (+) and out (-), or click on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
Move the mouse over the blue markers to see the name of safari camps and lodges.
Click on the blue markers for more information on camps and lodges.
Click on the links below for more detailed maps which show the safari camps and lodges in each area.
Brown pins indicate points of interest – in this case, some landmarks in Moremi Game Reserve.
Black pins show important villages and towns – including Maun.

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