Beach areas & islands to visit in Mozambique

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of four main islands off the coast of Mozambique.

Bazaruto Archipelago

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A marine national park covers most of Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago, protecting the exquisite and varied marine life in these incredible turquoise seas. Escape to either Bazaruto or Benguerra Island for some serious relaxation.
The Gorongosa National Park covers 8,200km².

Gorongosa National Park

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Gorongosa National Park is diverse and beautiful area that has recently opened up to visitors. The game here is still recovering and so come here for a fantastic wilderness experience of water and walking rather than for prolific wildlife.
The Manda Wilderness Project was initiated in 1997 and has since won many eco-awards.

Manda Wilderness

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The Manda Wilderness Community Trust was started in 1997 to protect wildlife and benefit the local people. Stay at the relaxed Nkwichi Lodge and laze away the days on the white-sand beach of Lake Malawi's shore, or visit nearby villages & fascinating community projects.
Mozambique's fascinating capital city Maputo has over 1.7 million inhabitants.


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To facilitate more esoteric Mozambique itineraries, you'll sometimes need to overnight in Maputo. You'll find a vibrant, colourful, African city where the roads are lined with makeshift stalls, old colonial buildings and modern office blocks.
Nampula Province in northern Mozambique is not very likely to be visited by tourists.

Nampula Province

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The Nampula Province is a lesser visited part of Africa which can still be considered well off the tourist trail – its stunning beaches, rich history and vibrant traditional culture makes it the perfect spot for any intrepid traveller looking for something different.
Explore the wilderness of Niassa Reserve with few other people around.

Niassa Reserve

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The Niassa Reserve is a vast, remote untouched wilderness. It's new to tourism, so you'll spend days here without seeing other travellers. There is wildlife here, but its skittish and keeps its distance: don't come for large game at close quarters, but to experience true Africa wilderness.
The town of Pemba is situated in one of the world’s largest natural harbours.

Pemba & mainland

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Pemba is Mozambique's gateway to the spectacular Quirimbas Archipelago (not to be confused with the Tanzanian island).
The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of 12 major and 20 smaller islands.

Quirimbas Archipelago

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Mozambique's Quirimbas Archipelago includes over 30 islands in a largely unexplored, ecologically pristine marine environment. It's spectacular, and there are exclusive beach lodges on several islands. Best visited from Tanzania, the archipelago's remote logistics means that getting here can be costly.
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