Safari reserves & places to visit in Zambia

The huge Kafue National Park has a wide variety of different environments ...

Kafue National Park

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As Zambia’s largest national park, Kafue offers game viewing across varied habitats where you are unlikely to be interrupted by other visitors. The Busanga Plains dominate the north and attract large game including cheetah, while the woodlands in the south are home to leopard aplenty.
Liuwa is a fantastic area for birdlife...

Liuwa Plain National Park

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Isolated, remote and wild, Liuwa attracts wildebeest and zebra in their thousands, an extraordinarily rich birdlife – and very, very few visitors.
The Victoria Falls is one of Zambia’s highlights for any visitor.

Livingstone & Victoria Falls

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Named after the legendary explorer, Livingstone is a must – for the Victoria Falls, for adrenalin-fuelled fun, or for sheer self-indulgence
Stepping out in Zambia is always an adventure.

Lochinvar National Park

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Designated a Wetland of International Importance, Lochinvar is home to countless wading birds and raptors: an unspoilt birding paradise.
The Lower Zambezi National Park is located next to the Zambezi River.

Lower Zambezi National Park

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A lifeline for wildlife, and an unbeatable backdrop for a safari, the majestic Zambezi River is the key to this exceptionally scenic park.
Zambia's capital city, Lusaka, covers 70km² and has 1.4 million inhabitants…

Lusaka area

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Lusaka is Zambia’s capital city and is typically used as the entry/exit point for international flights, or a hub for internal flights. Although there are few major attractions, comfortable hotels and reliable restaurants make it a pleasant stopover.
North Luangwa is a great wilderness area for walking safaris.

North Luangwa National Park

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North Luangwa contains a few small bush camps which only offer walking safaris. The lack of infrastructure for vehicles gives the park a much wilder feeling than South Luangwa. The walking safaris also present the opportunity to have a much more intimate experience with African wildlife.
Northern Zambia is very remote with spectacular scenery...

Northern Zambia

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Lakes and waterfalls, bats and shoebills, even a grand stately home: the rarely visited north is a world apart from the rest of Zambia.
South Luangwa National Park is very well-known for its walking safaris.

South Luangwa National Park

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As Zambia’s top park, South Luangwa boasts plentiful game and excellent birding. Walking safaris introduce you to the smaller components of the ecosystem, and night drives make this a top spot for leopard. The camps in the park are as varied as the habitat, and cater to most costs.
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