Areas, parks & places to visit in Namibia

Bushmanland is a remote region in the north-east of Namibia.


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Beside Botswana in north-east Namibia, the Kalahari's endless sand-sheet covers Bushmanland, a remote area which receives few visitors. Spare at least 3-4 days for a compelling insight into the culture of the Bushmen/San people at Nhoma Camp, or perhaps a private fly-camping safari to Khaudum National Park.
Namibia's Caprivi Strip comprises a narrow tongue of land, running alongside mighty rivers.

Caprivi Strip

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More verdant than the rest of Namibia, the Caprivi Strip has permanent rivers and lush wildlife parks boasting particularly rich birdlife (including the Mahango Core Area, Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara National Parks) – it also combines easily with Victoria Falls.
Namibia's Central Highlands is a mix of commercial farms and eye-pleasing rolling, rocky vistas.

Central Highlands

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A variety of guest farms and lodges are scattered throughout Namibia's Central Highlands, between Windhoek and Etosha. All are different, reflecting their individual hosts and locations. Many have a real local flavour and organise activities around local points of interest, such as unique rock formations and cave paintings.
Damaraland is a vast, beautiful wilderness in north-west Namibia.


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South of Kaokoland, Damaraland is a rugged, mountainous area with stunning landscapes. This vast and largely arid wilderness is home to very few people, but a surprising amount of wildlife including black rhino and desert-adapted elephant – plus some of Africa's best San/Bushman rock art.
Etosha National Park is unique for its huge salt-pan and string of ancient waterholes.

Etosha National Park

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Dominated by a vast barren salt pan, dense herds of big game make Etosha National Park one of Africa's top safari destinations. At its best during the dry season, you can be driven around here, but it's a very easy and rewarding park to drive yourself around.
Fish River Canyon in Southern Namibia, is a wonder of the natural world.

Fish River Canyon

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From central Namibia the Fish River meanders south, into the Orange River bordering South Africa. On the way it flows through the world's second largest canyon. Walk yourself around the top, take a serious five-day hike along the bottom, or explore by guided 4WD or even mule!
Luderitz is a quiet coastal town, miles from anywhere, with some unique attractions.


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A 1908 diamond boom around the small coastal town of Lüderitz left some beautiful colonial buildings and several nearby ghost towns. Base yourself here to explore the old mining towns and rocky peninsula; enjoy a boat trip to the penguin colony; and dine on the great local seafood.
Namibia's Namib Naukluft National Pak - where dunes meet mountains...

Namib-Naukluft National Park

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To experience the best of the Namib Desert, come to the huge Namib-Naukluft National Park. The most famous dunes are around Sossusvlei, but also seek out Sesriem Canyon and the excellent hiking in the Naukluft Mountains. Stay longer to include the spectacular private NamibRand Nature Reserve.
The NamibRand is one of the largest private nature reserves in southern Africa.

NamibRand Nature Reserve

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Covering an area around half the size of Belgium visit the large NamibRand nature reserve for high quality, low density accommodation and to experience a variety of landscape in this unspoilt wilderness.
Okonjima Nature Reserve is a vast reserve in the Central Highlands area of Namibia...

Okonjima Nature Reserve

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North of Windhoek is the large Okonjima Nature Reserve. The four accomodation options on offer within this reserve each offer different experiences, but all focus on carnivore conservation and tracking the radio collared predators within the reserves boundaries.
Skeleton Coast, so named from the bleached bones of stranded whales, sailors and ships.

Skeleton Coast & Kaokoland

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North of Swakopmund, the South Atlantic Ocean washes onto a barren, gravel desert – a coast which is aptly named for the skeletons of ships and whales found here. Drive yourself through this unforgiving area, or fly here into tiny, remote camps to explore with expert guides.
Southern Namibia is mostly Kalahari Desert...

Southern Namibia

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Both the Namib and the Kalahari stretch across Southern Namibia, but they differ greatly in topography, flora and fauna. Various small lodges and guest farms are dotted around – each with a different flavour and attractions varying from desert-adapted horses to semi-tame meerkats, balancing rocks and a quivertree forest.
Swakopmund is a pleasant, modern town...

Swakopmund & Walvis Bay

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Swakopmund provides a breath of sea air between desert travel; a quaint Germanic town with good sea-food restaurants. Stay a few days for the activities: fun adrenaline sports; bird-watching and gentle kayaking in Walvis Bay Lagoon; excellent boat trips and first-class 4WD trips to Sandwich Harbour.
Like some Lost World, the Waterberg Plateau rises sheer from the surrounding Kalahari Desert.

Waterberg Plateau National Park

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East of the Central Highlands, freshwater springs attract excellent wildlife and birdlife around the flat-topped sandstone of Waterberg Plateau. Visit the area for one or two nights, especially if you're a keen hiker; you can walk up to the plateau without staying inside the Waterberg National Park.
Windhoek is a modern, African capital city of a young country.


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A small, friendly capital, Windhoek is spread around a wide valley between bush-covered hills. The cafés and picturesque old German architecture give it a very pleasant air. Most Namibia trips start and/or end here; there are plenty of good hotels, restaurants and interesting small guest houses.
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